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Regardless of whether you are a dentist based in Bangsar or a well known jewelry retailer having a chain of stores in Ipoh, local SEO is something that will give you the much needed exposure you and your business so critically needs.

After all, even if you offer better services than your competitors, there’s hardly an effective way of conveying it to your potential customers. However, if you focus on your local SEO, you will have the opportunity to directly communicate and influence your potential customers, who are actually searching for your services in the area you are based in.

The most important thing to take care of

Well, we know that you may not be much into SEO and such stuff, and would rather leave it to the experts. However, there’s one extremely important thing you must ask the SEO service you are thinking of going with. It’s asking them their off page SEO (link building) strategy for local SEO.

The reasons we place so much emphasis on doing this is simply because while doing local SEO, the link building strategy needs to be completely different, requiring a rather unique approach from your SEO service. After all, when one takes a look at the whole SEO picture, which may also involve the more advanced services such as reputation management, the approach your SEO service takes while working on your site tends to be really very important.

What we mean is that sometimes SEO services may go with rather shady and blackhat link building strategies, which won’t allow you to go far, and may ultimately end up fetching a huge penalty. After all, it doesn’t make sense for a local business based in a small city of Malaysia to get links from completely unrelated websites in India.

Your SEO guy may tell you that they will be using proxies, but as Google is always smarter than such people, it will sooner or later find it out. In fact, it seems that it has some effective methods in place to filter out such proxy IPs and then review them.

Local SEO vs. Global SEO

It’s also probably worth mentioning that local SEO tends to be quite different from global SEO. For example, if one is searching for “best web developer in Ipoh”, it shows that they are looking to be served by someone in their locality. This is the reason search engines would come up with different results when people look for a local service, than offering the same results they do for global ones.

Hence, local SEO requires a completely different approach than while doing SEO on a global level.

The practical approach to local SEO

Let us now tell you how exactly local SEO should be done, or the approach your SEO service should take while trying to rank your site for the local terms.

Firstly, it always seems to be natural when your SEO service doesn’t have to use a bunch of proxies to build links to your website. Secondly, though it may not really cause problems to have links coming from different places, it’s the knowledge of the local environment that a local SEO service brings to the table that really matters.

People searching for local terms may even choose to head over to the maps results while skipping the search ones. A good local SEO service would have knowledge of all these factors, and would be in a much better position to come up with an effective local SEO strategy.

A final word

Well, it’s not always about ranking higher in the search results. Sometimes, ranking higher may get you a lot of traffic, but very few conversions and sales. That obviously doesn’t help much, does it?

Hence, SEO services Malaysia not only aimed at ranking you higher in the search results, but also improving the conversion rate and getting more leads. We understand local SEO and hence can help you target and optimize your website for the right terms, which helps you get highly targeted traffic which is actually interested in the services you offer.

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