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Real SEO agencies have a very realistic and reasonable pricing model. After all, as the SEO requirements of each and every niche are different, it would be really unfair to go around offering a fixed price to everyone. However, we also believe in offering a superior bang for your buck, so we always offer the most reasonable prices based on the competitiveness of your keywords and the niche you are in. Needless of mention, we want to ensure complete transparency as well, and that’s the reason we offer a free quote which allows you to determine whether the pricing is really reasonable for you.


On Site Audit

As mentioned earlier, it may take a little longer to achieve your desired results with us, as we ensure the highest level of safety possible. Once you make the payment, we won’t start with the linkbuilding straightaway. Instead, we will first work on the On-page optimization of your site, in order to ensure that the linkbuilding looks natural, as well as yields the best possible results.


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With SEO Sentry, we work on your project based on a customized plan. Different niche requires different outbound links and content syndication. We won't tolerate with "one method fits all" campaign that leveraging mostly on spam activities. It’s also probably worth mentioning that we don’t use any automated software to do any of these tasks, but rather do everything manually, and in the safest way possible. You can probably easily say by now that our primary focus is not just helping you rank, but also ensuring the safety of your site, so that the rankings don’t come back down with an update or penalty.



We don’t believe in “sell and forget” policy. We make sure you get what you wanted, and don’t stop working till that happens. This is the reason we also provide you with a live tracking report, which is updated everyday so you can track the pleasantly positive movement in your rankings constantly.